COMprehensive Post-Acute Stroke Services (COMPASS) Study


Building on partnerships and collaborations to improve post-acute stroke care


The COMPASS Study is a pragmatic, randomized trial to investigate post-acute stroke care models that are aimed at improving patient functional outcomes and reducing hospital re-admissions.

The COMPASS study will evaluate a patient-centered, community-based care model to improve secondary prevention, recovery and access to community resources for stroke survivors and caregivers. COMPASS will encourage and facilitate patient and caregiver self-management of care.

We are leveraging the successes of the NC Stroke Care Collaborative network of hospitals to expand quality improvement to the post-acute care space. In the first phase of the study, sites will be randomized to provide the COMPASS intervention or continue their usual care. In Phase 2, one-year later, the usual-care hospitals will also receive COMPASS, while the other hospitals continue the intervention.


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May 17 – #WorldHypertensionDay

  The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Controlling your blood pressure can reduce your risk for stroke and dementia. Join the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke’s Thunderclap and help spread the word! Click the link to...

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The Birth of an App to Improve Patient Care After a Stroke

PICTURE OF HEALTH THE BIRTH OF AN APP TO IMPROVE PATIENT CARE AFTER A STROKE Story by Jessica Brown Share this story: It wasn’t her mother’s first stroke, but this one was different. This was clearly the last one. Mid-morning sun filtered...

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